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Strider Innertainment is a unique combination of spiritual education, healing and interactive entertainment.
Drawing on a variety of teachings from various traditions of spirituality, psychology and philosophy, Errol and Rochelle present ideas and ideals in a way that makes them accessible, relevant, funny and poignant.

Using their talents as comic actors, mimes and dancers, they convey the depth and breadth of the human condition from the absurd to the sublime. People are able to laugh at themselves, open their hearts and recognize their spiritual potential.

In addition the Striders share themselves personally with their audiences revealing the challenges they've faced over the past 28 years and the insights they've discovered as marriage and business partners, creative collaborators, spiritual teachers and parents

Check out the latest and the freshest insights at Errol's new Blog. insightoutwitherrol.blogspot.com

**NEW** Videos of Live Performances.

"Insight Out" Weekly Radio Broadcast
archives and live Sundays 7-8 pst.

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