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"Enlighten Up"

How to Use Creativity & Humor to Make Your World Work
A half-day feel-good action-packed play shop that will let you laugh your baggage away in surprisingly fun ways!
Facilitated by Errol & Rochelle Strider
Sponsored by "Celebration"

Whether you struggle with self-doubt or self-defeating behaviors, people who bug you, or are just upset with your world, at "Enlighten Up" ...
--you will learn a fun and fascinating way to resolve conflicts in your life and relationships!
--you will be able to laugh at and be creative with the areas of your life that frustrate you
--you will gain the tools to reinfoce the lessons you've learned to achieve optimal RESULTS!

WHEN: Sunday Afternoon, April 09, 2 PM-5 PM

WHERE: N.E.A Bldg, 2007 Botulph Rd, Across from St. Vincent's Hospitial

Admission: $39 or $65 for two
...so bring a friend and Save!

CALL: (toll free)1-877-291-7336 for reservations and information

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