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Step One on the Journey from Addiction to Recovery
This book and accompanying CD takes the listener/reader on a profound journey into the core of addiction, to the "bottom" and up again to a place of surrender.(more)

(Booklet with audio CD)

The Connectedness
Written and narrated by Errol Strider, Music by Charles Moselle—a dramatic and poetic call to humanity to come into the place of deep union and at-one-ment with ourselves, each other and the Divine presence.. (more)

(Audio CD)


Psalms for the 21st century
Written and narrated by Errol Strider, Music by Charles Moselle
5 very dramatic and poetic journeys that take the listener from the beginning of the search for the Divine into discovery and dealing with the kinds of obstacles that get in our way...with the final piece...a celebration of finding God “In Our Midst.” (more)

(Audio CD)

A Letter From Home
Written by Errol Strider, narrated by Errol & Rochelle with music by Charles Moselle, this booklet and CD is a reminder of how and why each of us is uniquely valuable and worthy of love. .(more)

(Booklet with audio CD)

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